Helping Students and Their Families Navigate
the Delaware Education System
What We Do
  1. Litigate
    Tross Law, LLC will represent you at due process and administrative hearings as you pursue your child's rights.
  2. Counsel
    Tross Law, LLC can help you understand your child's federal and state rights so that you can better navigate your child's education.
  3. Advocate
    Tross Law, LLC can be your voice, guide and mediator at IEP meetings and other interactions with the school system.
About Us
Tross Law, LLC provides legal counseling and representation to students and their families in Delaware as it relates to education and special education issues. 

The founder and sole attorney of the firm is Erika Y. Tross.  Erika brings over ten years of legal experience to the firm.   

Tross Law, LLC provides many services to its clients including representation in federal and state litigation, due process hearings, administrative appeals and IEP meetings.  Erika also works with clients to help them learn to navigate issues in their child’s education on their own.

Tross Law, LLC does not operate as a traditional “brick and mortar” law firm.  Instead it operates virtually allowing the firm to minimize expenses which, in turn, results in savings passed on to the client.
To learn more about your child’s rights or for help with other education and special education legal matters contact Tross Law, LLC today.